Double Helix

Lucile Camus & Estelle Cherel: Double Helix
29 September – 2 October 2016, Art Licks Weekend 2016

Double Helix brings together the work of Marseille-based artists Lucile Camus and Estelle Cherel. Camus and Cherel have been sharing a studio for the past three years. Alongside their individual practice, they recently started to collaborate on performances and video works. The exhibition will combine for the first time their personal and collaborative practices, simulating the dialogue initiated organically between their work in the studio and unearthing the dynamics that led to their collaboration.

Lucile Camus, Untitled, 2016 & Estelle Cherel, Bear cub giving the paw, 2010

Camus’ practice developed from figurative painting into striking graphic works on paper. Swaying between systematic patterns and improvised gestures repeated endlessly, her work reflects on the act of making and the passing of time. Her recent practice retains the geometric simplicity and the repetitive rhythm of her earlier works while moving towards large scale installations using small sculptural arrangements and paper cut-outs. For Double Helix,  Camus will turn her installation ‘ Ingress (sea urchins)’ into a durational performance. The installation will expand over the course of the exhibition as the artist continues to produce ‘sea urchins’ to cover as much space as possible during the shows’ opening hours.

Lucile Camus, Ingress (Sea Urchins), 2016 & Toqués series, 2013-16
Lucile Camus, Ingress (Sea Urchins), 2016
Lucile Camus, Untitled, 2016
Lucile Camus, Untitled, 2016
Lucile Camus, Untitled, 2016
Lucile Camus, The Flamingo, 2013
Lucile Camus, sketch book, 2016

Drawing inspiration from films, popular culture and everyday imagery, Cherel’s exquisite drawings, collages and watercolour paintings present intriguing scenes where the human figure and animals takes centre stage. Isolated from their context and their background, the images operate like still frames, bringing the viewer to re-create the narratives from which they may have been withdrawn. Cherel also recently started experimenting with animation, sound and video. For Double Helix, she will present a selection of recent video works along with works on paper and paintings produced over the past decade.

Estelle Cherel, In the heart of the trap, 2015
Estelle Cherel, Nevada Cancer, 2015 & Dusk, 2015
Estelle Cherel, Giraffes don’t get much sleep, 2012 & Insula 1/2/3 (video), 2014
Estelle Cherel, Starting again, 2015
Estelle Cherel, Starting block, 2015
Estelle Cherel, The Blue Hour, 2013
Estelle Cherel, Come (video), 2015-16

Alongside the works on paper, paintings and videos, Camus and Cherel will re-stage Toquade, a lecture performance composed of fragments of everyday conversations, private jokes and made up idioms. Translated literally from French to English, the performance will touch upon issues related to language misunderstanding and confusion in cross-cultural communication.

More information at Estelle Cherel and Lucile Camus.

Part of the Art Licks weekend 2016.