Wherever I May Roam

Joao Cocteau, Berlin

14 February 2014

Wherever I may roam explores the idea of home in the broadest sense: What makes a physical, domestic, geographical, cultural space a home? How do we repeatedly inhabit and appropriate the space around us, move after move? How does increased mobility opportunities and migration flow impact on our sense of belonging/ affect our cultural identity?

The project brings together Stéphanie Busson, Vincent Chomaz and Sabine Jamme and is the second presentation of the ‘Etats des Lieux‘ project.

Bereits am Morgen
Performance (2013-14)

Bedtime/ morning routine. Performance exploring the effect of repeated mundane actions in making a place a home.

Pièce montée (Baumkuchen)
Flooring material, icing, glaced cherries (2014)