The morning routine

6.30am – the alarm goes off, snooze at least three times. Another ten minutes becomes half an hour.

7.00am – gets up, goes to the kitchen and makes coffee, four-minute shower, leaves underwear on the bathroom floor. 

7.05am – walks back into the bedroom to get dressed in the dark, trying not to wake me up…already awake my love, the alarm went off four times. Opens and closes drawers a few times, turns the light on eventually, picks up yesterday’s jeans from the floor. Leaves the drawers open, always.

7.10am – five minutes to go, drinks coffee standing in the kitchen, reading the news on his phone. Rabbit hole moment. 

7.14am – one minute to go, runs into the studio to gather the bits he needs for the day. Phone blips, another news alert, checks phone. Another rabbit hole moment. Rummages through the tool box and various bags hanging around, will forget something, usually also forgets the packed lunch in the fridge. Not today, there’s a post-it note on the front door. Checks pockets: phone, cigarettes, keys, wallet, lighter, change. Ready to go. Always comes back to the bedroom to kiss me goodbye. Runs all the way to the station. Has a snooze on the train.